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BHL Wear

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BHL Wear

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  Shandong BHL wear-resistant materials limited liability company is a joint venture Beijing Fulda resistant materials limited liability company and Jining Aetna Mine Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is jointly funded and with the Shanghai University of wear-resistant materials research and technical cooperation in the establishment of equity to "high-chromium roller circle" as the core product, the formation of the most influential one casting wear-resistant materials provider.
  Shandong BHL wear-resistant materials limited liability company is located in Yutai County, Jining City Economic and Technological Development Zone, covers an area of 66400 square production plant, the construction of the main plant 18,000㎡, with various equipment casting, machining, testing, physical and chemical analysis 300 More than sets. Fixed assets of 50 million yuan, annual production of 50,000 tons of castings, "scientific and technological innovation, product excellence," Shandong BHL core competitiveness. Shandong BHL has been working with the most authoritative Shanghai University became the depth of technology partners, joint research and development and product innovation.
  Companies adhering to the "technology and quality of peer" innovative ideas, adhere to the road of combining production and research, relying on universities and research institutes, established an advanced quality management system, has adopted the "Quality Management System Certification", "energy-saving products certification "," use of international standards certification "," national high-tech enterprise certificate "," AAA-class standard of good conduct certificate "and become Jining wear-resistant cast alloy Engineering Research Center.
  Company products are divided into two categories: First, high-chromium bimetallic roll ring, the main specifications for φ1200 × 1000, φ1000 × 800, φ800 × 600, φ700 × 500 series, only selling domestic products, and can replace imported and access to international markets; Second, high chromium series of wear-resistant materials and heat-resisting material, mainly Jining Aetna mine equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. mine with submersible pumps and supporting metallurgy, building materials, electric power and other industries.
  Our company consistently adhere to the science and technology are primary productive forces, so innovation of our products, reliability and stability rank in the same industry-leading level. Always adhere to the "standard is the soul, quality is the life" products to the "brand strategy" approach, scientific and technological way to keep fit, adhere to the technology, research and development as the center and enterprise standardization system as a platform, and constantly improve to business-oriented, market-oriented, a combination of innovation system, focus on speed and structure, quality and efficiency, stamina unity. Product quality forward near the international advanced level.
  General manager Profile: Heng Su Bo, in 1996, graduated from Beijing University of Technology Department of Metallurgy casting professional, after graduation has been engaged in the professional management of related technologies. To declare a number of patents, centrifugal bimetallic composite roll ring technology is a national initiative, the international leader in technology, and cooperation with Shanghai University in 2007, won the "Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award" (R03).

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