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Antai Pump

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Antai Pump

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Pump Advantage:
  Equipment manufacturing, material is the foundation.
  Corporation will perfect fusion of the two major advantages, water pump impeller, diffuser, volute and other flow components using new materials company Andrew Weir East three resistance (heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant) castings, with Aetna Pump assembly process, greatly enhance the performance of pump products in the market position of absolute dominance!
  At the same time greatly improving the Aetna pump product differentiation, according to the specific use of the environment, acid extraction medium degree of sediment concentration and to tailor the most appropriate products and enhance pump corrosion, wear level, improve efficiency, service life of the delay, cost savings.

Material Advantages:
  Chairman Chen Qiao (an Australian), Bachelor of metal materials Shanghai University, Master of Mechanical Manufacturing University of South Australia, the Australian heavy industry has many years of experience;
  Heng Su Bo, general manager in 1996, graduated from Beijing University of Technology Department of Metallurgy casting professional, after graduation has been engaged in the professional management of related technologies. To declare a number of patents, centrifugal bimetallic composite roll ring technology is a national initiative, the international leader in technology, and cooperation with Shanghai University in 2007, won the "Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award" (R03).
  Technical Director Chen Changshun, China Institute of wear-resistant metal materials science committee member, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society materials committee member of China Foundry Society wear-resistant materials branch director, has more than 40 years of industry experience, the drafting of the development of a number of national and industry standards;

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