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First, the basic situation of the company
Shandong Andrew Weir East New Materials Co., Ltd, specializing in mining, cement, power crushing machinery, grinding wear-resistant materials production and transformation of production lines for enterprises optimize the allocation for grinding production lines, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost requirements provide technical support, equipment selection and supply integration services. Our team contains the industry's top experts, scholars, holds several patents landmark in the world, including crusher, metal and other materials, the world's first proposed the theory of grinding in a ball mill in the field, and laid a solid company to become the industry leader Foundation.
The company is located in Jining City, Shandong Province Yutai County Economic Development Zone, with 20,000 square meters plant, 3 tons IF furnace three sets, two tons IF furnace 1 sets, 1 set of 1-ton furnace, Car-heat treatment furnace 8, bell heat treatment furnace 2; vertical lathe 10 Taiwan, with centrifugal casting, lost foam process, coated sand process, resin sand and water glass sand process and other production processes, to produce the maximum five tons of steel castings, annual capacity of 12,000 tons.
Second, the company's main business involved in related industries background areas
1, the domestic status quo grinding production line
1) grinding production line with the basic purpose and composition
Shall be subject to early broken after all gold, silver and tin iron ore mining: grinding production line is widely used in mining, cement, power, chemical, building materials industries, play a fundamental role in basic industries related key production processes, such as , broken, and then milled in order to filter out the ore powder; the country 2.3 billion tons per year of cement, clinker raw materials are subjected to grinding twice; 1.7 billion tons of coal thermal power plant boiler must be completely milled to spray into the boiler for power generation; concrete stones to go through the beginning of crushing, breaking, crushing, can be applied to all types of construction.
Grinding production line consists of a series of crushing, grinding equipment which is completed with the material into small production process. In some cases, more than one meter in diameter in the raw materials, ores, crushed and ground to 0.1 mm and even micron particles, for subsequent processing using the square. So crushing, grinding equipment design, configuration, performance is reasonable and excellent wear-resistant materials whether as an essential element grinding production lines are working correctly, and efficient work.
2) equipment and technology behind the predicament faced by grinding production line
At present, even the majority of the world mining, cement and thermal power enterprises grinding production line are facing the same problem that the existing crushing, grinding equipment and backward technology, the specific performance of high energy consumption, high maintenance, and severe loss wear-resistant materials short life. For example:
● mining industry
In the mining industry, currently there are two main grinding production line equipment and technology:
First, the use broken jaw or gyratory crusher as primary crusher, SAG mill as in large pieces, with a ball mill grinding of the production process, the advantages for the production process is simple, large output. But the drawback is the initial investment in a huge semi-autogenous mill, and the energy consumption and the amount of maintenance is also very huge, grinding the entire line to be shut down during maintenance, to mining enterprise caused great economic pressure.
The second is to use a broken jaw or gyratory crusher as primary crusher, cone crusher and ball mill with a production process, cone crusher broken down into the broken and broken bits. This is a more traditional and is currently the largest solution into less than a program, but productivity is also lower than a program, the cost of maintenance and use of cone crusher is quite large.
The plight of the two co-production process as related equipment wear-resistant materials shorter life. According to the survey, large semi-autogenous mill, ball mill liners thousands of yuan worth only a short life of 3-6 months, the installed capacity of up to 17000KW / Taiwan; jaw broken jaw plate, cone crusher rolling acetabular wall life only 3 - 6 months, the installed capacity of 400KW / Taiwan -1000KW / Taiwan; some domestic mines even after every three days will be shut down two days wear resistant material replacement and maintenance of equipment, adjustment.
● cement industry
Cement industry mainly used jaw crusher, hammer crusher, roll mill, a ball mill as crushing, grinding equipment. Jaw crusher, hammer crusher, roller press has a short wear life of the material, the amount of maintenance problems. The traditional ball mill grinding process will be divided into 2-3 segments positions, a ball mill crushing and grinding integrated production. The disadvantage of this process is due to the special constitute a ball mill, the material can not be efficiently broken, only the material for fine grinding, its energy efficiency is very low, according to statistics effective energy conversion and utilization is only about 15%; the second is due to misunderstanding ball mill theory, for the purpose of crushing the need to join the large-diameter ball, the so-called grading, liner for ball mill greatly damaging effects, resulting in shorter life liner, in many cases even less than 1 year the need to replace a set of liner, resulting in the use of high cost.
Main methods to increase production of energy-saving ball mill is more popular in the pre-crushing technology using a ball mill before, that is, before the installation of the high-pressure roller press mill pre-broken, although greatly improve the production efficiency of the entire production line, but because of high input costs , energy consumption and high maintenance, resulting in most of the technology is still prohibitive cement companies.
2, the domestic status of wear-resistant materials industry
National annual metal grinding wear-resistant materials used in the production line about 300 million tonnes, or an annual market volume of about 35 billion yuan, more than 100 billion per year worldwide. Huge demand spawned a large number of China wear-resistant materials production enterprises, but compared with foreign, domestic industries and enterprises wearable technology is weak, and scattered small-scale enterprises, the vast majority of manufacturers of the annual output of 2000 tons, almost no production process control, product quality, poor performance. The practical application performance product life is short, defects, resulting in frequent shutdown maintenance and replacement business customers seriously reduce productivity, increase business costs. Wear-resistant materials industry seemingly traditional industries, but with high-tech, high value-added features. The past two years, the international giant inroads into the Chinese market, domestic wear-resistant materials industry can not meet the needs of the domestic and international markets, faced with product upgrades and industry consolidation.
Third, the company's main business profile
For the mining industry, cement grinding production line status of the domestic industry, said wear-resistant materials, and, combined with the original held by the Company's patented technology, the company has four main business directions: metal wear-resistant materials, the new vibration crusher , ceramic liner, grinding production line configuration and optimization of technical support.
1, the metal wear-resistant materials
Metal grinding wear-resistant materials in the production line is a major loss material, China's annual demand for the metal wear resistant material as a whole is about 300 million tons. Mr. Chen Changshun technical director I have a deep theoretical knowledge and 40 years of practical experience in the field, who is also a tutor two universities, drafting of the development of the industries of building materials, cement, electricity and other wear-resistant material and a metal material standards is the industry expert-level authorities, with a number of invention patents and utility model patents, often by domestic companies invited to the site for technical guidance to help enterprises solve production problems, their attainments in the metal material and heat treatment enjoyed academic fields in the world reputation.
Mr. Chen Changshun join our company will enjoy the industry's most advanced dual-medium quenching chrome molybdenum alloy steel, pearlite chrome molybdenum alloy steel, nickel-hard cast iron production technology, high chromium cast iron and other metal wear-resistant materials, so that my company in metallic materials research with the world's advanced level synchronization for enterprise customers bring concrete solutions for conditions, truly choose the most suitable material for the actual operating conditions.
I will uphold rigorous academic philosophy, based on the forefront of industry technology, change the status of domestic low-end inferior products flooding the market with high-quality high-performance wear-resistant materials to help enterprise customers improve efficiency, reduce costs, create a nation can emulate the international giant metal brand wear-resistant materials.
2, grinding production line configuration optimization and technical support services
Grinding production line facing the irrational structure of the universal plight of the industry, such as broken machinery selection errors, resistant materials selection unreasonable, improper manufacturing process, resulting in yield less than the design requirements, the failure rate is high, a serious loss, a direct impact on operating costs and productivity.
Based on years of extensive research, practical experience, as well as a variety of grinding lines, grinding machinery crushing insight, combined with our enormous technological advantage in the three main product direction and innovation breakthrough in the grinding theory, our company can provide enterprise customers a complete set of grinding production line transformation program to help companies choose, purchase of equipment, wear-resistant materials, the production line configuration optimized to provide technical support. Has been completed industrial experiments show that the company's reform program can achieve grinding production line yield increased by 15% to 40%, reduce overall energy costs, and other wear-resistant material loss of about 20%, reduce maintenance rate of 60% -70% greatly improve operational efficiency, improve enterprise efficiency. 

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