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Address By the President

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Address By the President

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Address By the President

  Cheng Yongxi-president-Anlitai Group
  NPC member in Shandong
  Outstanding staff on party affairs in Shandong
  Top 10 News Figures in China Industry
  Pioneer Figure on Innovation of Industrial Companies in China
  Vice chairman in Jining Machinery Business Association


  By adhering to the operation concept of ‘being integrated, dedicated and consummate’ since its establishment, Anlitai Group focuses on development of mine-used pump in China and has grown into an influential and competitive supplier for mine-used technical equipment in mine-used drain contamination and desilting industry in China. It has been providing superior products and services to coal companies the country over and entrenching the brand image and status of Anlitai Group. ‘Anlitai’ has become a pronoun for development in the place where the Company is located in.
  After a decade of entrepreneurship with hardship and tribulations, Anlitai Group would extend its gratitude to customers and friends for their full trust and backup so that its products stretch all over China and go global. It is grateful for the warm care of leaders at different levels on Anlitai Group so that the Group can seize success. It also gives thanks to scholars and experts who heed and care about ANlitai Group. Their membership has provided impetus for gradual transcendence in Anlitai. It also thanks its peers. It can get its acclaim today with unremitting pursuit and efforts.
  People in Anlitai are constantly striving to become stronger in face of challenges, for they believe that infinite opportunities are concealed behind the challenges. In the fierce market competition, Anlitai has been making constant innovation and improving its product quality and technological contents by sticking to the operation concept of ‘first-grade quality and dedicated services’ so that the Company becomes a trailblazer and staunch supporter of mine-used pump and new products of anti-wear material industry.
  In face of the future, people in Anlitai are full of confidence. Anlitai Group has gone through various stages from initial establishment of brand to technological innovation, mechanism innovation and so on. By corralling a batch of industrial backbone and elites and setting up the regulated management system and operation network, it is making endeavors to realize the company vision of ‘forging a high-tech brand of science and technology pump industry and forging the first brand of anti-wear material in China’.
  It adopts a down-to-earth manner. People in Anlitai will constantly surpass and conquer themselves and strive to build Anlitai Group into a modern enterprise featuring international competitiveness.


--Cheng Yongxi

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