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President of Atwell

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President of Atwell

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President of Atwell


  Atwell-President-Chen Qiao
  President of Shandong Atwell New Materials Co., Ltd (Australian nationality)


  Located in Yutai County Economic and Development Zone, Jining, Shandong, Shandong Atwell Oriental New Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized at production of mining, cement and electric crusher, production of anti-wear materials and transformation of power grinding production line. It provides integrated services covering technological support, equipment selection and supply targeting at optimization and configuration of powder grinding production line, improvement of production efficiency and reduction of production costs.
  The Company has 20000-square-meter workshop, 3 3-ton medium-frequency furnaces, 1 2-ton medium-frequency furnace, 1 medium-frequency furnace, 8 machine thermal treatment furnaces, 2 clock thermal treatment furnaces and 10 vertical lathes. It owns such production techniques as centrifugal forging techniques, lost form technique, coated sand, resin sand technique and water-glass sand techniques and so on. It can produce 5 tons of cast steels at the maximum and can yield 12000 tons of output on the yearly basis. Mr. Chen Changshun, technological director of the Company, has profound theoretical attainments and over 40 years of rich practical experience. As a tutor for postgraduate students in two universities, he drafted and formulated standards for anti-wear and metal materials in multiple fields including building material, cement, electric power and so forth. He is an expert-level authoritative person with several patents for invention and utility models. He is often invited by domestic companies for technical guidance on spot to help companies work out production issues. He enjoys high fame worldwide in terms of his attainments in metal materials and heat treatment field.
  Our Company will stick to strict academic concepts and root in the frontier of the technology to alter the status of the market teeming with low-end and inferior domestic products so as to help customers boost efficiency and sap costs with its superior and high-performance anti-wear materials and forge a national brand on metal anti-wear materials that can match international titans.

----Chen Qiao

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