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Antai Pump

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Antai Pump

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  Founded in June, 2005 in Yutai County that enjoys the fame as ‘hometown flowing with milk and honey, homeland for filial piety and virtues and waterfront town’, Jining Antai Mine Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Anlitai Group) covers a land area of over 303 mu. In 2016, its fixed assets reached over 0.7 billion Yuan. As a joint-equity company integrating manufacturing of professional mine electromechanical device, precision forging of anti-wear alloy, scientific and technological research and development, sales and services, the Company has 163,000 square meters of infrastructure and modern workshops covering standardized R & D building, comprehensive office buildings and so on. Products of Antai Pump Industry covers four major series namely mine-used explosive diving electric desilting pump, high-pressure rush pump, wear-resisting materials and anti-explosion electric appliance covering more than 200 varieties and over 600 specifications of products that are extensively used in coal, building material, metallurgy, municipal works and other sectors with its technological level reaching domestic and international advanced level. Its products are sold all over China and far to Australia, Russia, India and Southeast Asian countries and regions. It is by far one of the most innovative, secured and influential suppliers and manufacturers of mining equipment and has won ‘China industrial model organ’, ‘Top 10 companies on manufacturing of mining water pump in China’ and other honors.
  The Company has a high-quality management team and team of employees with advanced operation mechanism and managerial model. It has around 500 staffs with an average age at 32 and over 95% holding a college degree and above. By intensifying party Organization building, it sets up its party branch covering 22 Party members, 3 probationary party members and 11 activist of party application. The Company has passed ‘ISO9001 quality system certification’, ‘certification to adopt international standard’, ‘certification of energy conservative product’, ‘certification on qualifying measurement’ and ‘AAA certification for sound standardization’. In 2010, ‘Anlita’ branded water pump was rated as a famous brand in Shandong and in 2011, ‘Anlitai’ trademark was rated as a famous trademark in Shandong.
  Science and technology is the primary factor for development of modern productivity and economic surge. The Company has set up its provincial corporate academician workshop and technological research and development center. It has been coopering with mechanical engineering research center in Jiangsu University, China University of Petroleum, Zhejiang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shanghai University, Harbin Institute of Technology and so on to form the country’s first-rated technological research and development capacity and establish an advanced quality management system. The company owns 36 patents, scientific results and other proprietary intellectual property rights and respectively wins first and second prize of Jining Scientific and Technological Results, third price of coal science and technology, golden award for scientific and technological innovation for private companies in Xi’an, third price on science and technology of engineering industry in China and golden prize for the 10th China Patent New High-tech Products Exo.
  In the domestic market, it has been maintaining cooperation with domestic large-scaled coal mine to ensure a stable marketing occupancy; in the overseas market, it consolidates its market in Russia and Southeast Asian market and in 2016, it signed cooperative protocol with the third manufacturer of equipment manufacturing in Australia.
  The forthcoming 5 to 10 days mark the rapid growth phase in Antai Company and the second start-up phase in Anlitai Group. ‘Antai people’ will grab the opportunity with ‘Antai speed’ to win over customers with first-rated quality and superior services and seek for new development with continuous innovation.
  “Antai people’ would like to join your hands to create a promising future.

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