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Development Path

Development Path

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●June 2005 registered the name, obtaining a business license, the company was founded (Jining Aetna Mine Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.);

●March 2006 through the national mining product safety certification mark, official mass market product:
●June 2006 to obtain ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification;
●June 2006 Jiangsu University to jointly set up research and development centers Mine pump;
●Realize December 2006 sales revenue 7.5 million yuan;

●In April 2007 successfully developed BQS110-220KW series flameproof submersible pump sewage sediment;
●Realize December 2007 sales revenue 24 million yuan;

●Registered in June 2008, "Anli Tai" trademark certificate;
●Achieve sales revenue of December 2008, 43.5 million yuan;

●In February 2009 the country's industrial production permit and energy-saving product certification;
●May 2009 was awarded the Gold Award of China's private scientific and technological innovations;
●July 2009 the company broke ground on a new site in the zone, four months after the completion of 18,000 square meters of production workshop;
●In December 2009 to obtain a certificate of high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province, back into the city park, complete the overall relocation of the old factory;
●Realize December 2009 sales revenue of 69 million yuan, is Jining municipal government called leapfrog development "Aetna speed";

●June 2010 successfully developed BQS250-315KW series flameproof submersible pump sewage sediment;
●June 2010 the company mine pneumatic dredging sewage pump won the 10th Chinese patent high-tech products Expo Gold Award;
●July 2010 the company received qualified to confirm measurement certificate and credit rating certificate;
●November 2010 the company was awarded the "China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise" certificate, and the completion of the municipal enterprise technology center;
●Realize December 2010 sales revenue of 90 million yuan, flameproof submersible pump sewage sediment was awarded "Shandong Famous Brand";

●January 2011 was awarded 10 Chinese mining companies pump manufacturers, pump manufacturers China mine ten famous brands;
●February 2011 the company won the "China's industrial demonstration unit" title, Cheng Yong, general manager of seats awarded "China Top Ten Industry news";
●March 2011 by the Russian mining pump mining product certification services Certification Center;
●October 2011, Shandong BHL wear-resistant materials limited liability company, "Anli Tai" won the Shandong Province;
●Founded in December 2011 Fellow of the workstation;
●December 2011 the company has patents and other intellectual property rights and technological achievements 24, the annual production capacity of 60,000 units, with annual sales income of 140 billion yuan, annual sales volume of 30,000 units or more.

●November 2012 the company into a provincial enterprise technology development center.
●December 2012 Strong 6 kV / 10,000-volt high-voltage power efflux pump research and development project into production; Anli Tai explosion-proof electrical equipment, wear-resistant materials BHL two companies formally established, successful formation Anli Tai Tai Group to enter the group development New Era.

●December 2013 explosion Anli Tai in Shandong Electric Co., Ltd. by a provincial achievement appraisal, wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd. Shandong BHL through two provincial achievement appraisal, and access to national policy support.

●November 2014 the company became the Shandong University of Science and Technology teaching practice base, the road will continue to deepen research, and success in the real economy during the downturn to find a suitable way.

●Founded in May 2015 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the convening of the new product launches by the praise of all customers.

●In April 2016 the company successfully signed with Australia, was established in Shandong Andrew Weir East New Materials Co., Ltd.
●April 2016 BHL Company Xuzhou Qiao Xin Mining Co., Ltd. (Australia owned company) merged Shandong Andrew Weir East New Materials Co., Ltd.
●May 2016 Andrew Will Eastern Shandong New Materials Co., Ltd. officially put into operation.
●May 2016 Australia, South Africa MULTOTEC Corporation subsidiary signed a cooperation agreement.
●In June 2016 the world's largest copper mine - the Chilean National Mining Corporation signed a strategic cooperation with Andrew Weir.

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