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Lining plate for combination self-fixed ball mill


Nearly a hundred years of ductile machine lining board epoch-making product --- Chen liner. The general manager of the company, senior engineer Mr. Chen Changshun invention. Products with no installation bolt materials, high hardness plate body and the toughness of the alloy sheet riveting combination, the operation of the ball mill grinding ball, pre stress self fixed, the lining plate overall strengthening. So as to ensure the stability and reliability of the high hardness and low toughness material lining. And greatly improve the operation rate of the mill, completely solve the problem of broken bolts, leakage, is conducive to reducing noise. The high hardness of the composite lining can be used to obtain the most effective application of all kinds of alloy steel, saving the human limited resources.
Application of combined lining plate in different working conditions:
A. mines ball mill lining board -- in view of the mine wet grinding, we recommend our R & D double medium quenching chromium molybdenum alloy steel material, the above HRC50 hardness and impact toughness values above 25J and its wear resistance is 1.5 times that of the high manganese steel; according to the specific conditions, we recommend Cr18 or cr23 material and its wear resistance is 2 times more than that of high manganese steel. Can also be used in high manganese steel liner.
B. the cement mill lining board -- we recommended by my company to develop and to promote the country's high chromium alloy steel or ZGCr5Mo double medium quenching steel, it has high quenching hardness, toughness, high, and has ideal cost-effectiveness ratio, alternative cooling and high chromium cast iron chromium steels are used for the cement industry, the effect is very ideal. In the work can maintain the surface shape of the lining board in a long time to ensure the stability of the mill to improve more than 5% of the output. We have a unique surface shape of the composite lining in the cement mill has the following advantages:
1, completely eliminate leakage phenomenon, reduce the amount of maintenance of more than 98%;
2, production increased by more than 5%, fineness increased by more than 1%;
3, to reduce power consumption by 5~8%;
4, the particle distribution surface narrowing;
5, effectively reduce the noise 3~5db
C. thermal power plant coal mill lining board -- we recommended by the company development and to promote the country's ZGCr5Mo double quenching medium steel and high chromium alloy steel, it has high quenching hardness, toughness, high, and has ideal efficiency cost ratio, service life can be guaranteed in more than six years (42000 hours), general at about 8 years and maintenance is almost zero. Since 1995 in the national electric power industry with 3800mm following hundreds of mill liners with satisfactory results. Such as Huaibei power plant combination liner service life of up to 14 years, basically no maintenance. Through the unique heat treatment process (the double medium quenching), the monolithic lining board hardness difference does not exceed HRc1, the hardness is very uniform.

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