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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

  Just a few years time, Anli Tai Group from scratch, from small to large, has made one after another impressive achievement. At this stage, Anli Tai Group to integrate two industry chain: Aetna Pump, Andrew Weir East new material. Equipment manufacturing industry is the basis of materials, use of materials Aetna's strong advantage to pump bigger and stronger, laying a leading professional mine submersible pumps; Andrew Weir East New Materials companies use the world's advanced technology, in art materials to explore the international market, to lead the development.
  "The pursuit of excellence, social return" is Anli Tai Group's vision and mission; there is life, more than struggle. Anli Tai Group in the beginning, had set up a "369 Development Plan", that is to say, every three years to a new level, the first three years, starting entrepreneurial companies, reinforce the foundation. The second 3-year large-scale operation, build brands, and the third 3-year group development, bigger and stronger. The final goal is the basis of "369 plan" fully achieved on, and then after 3-5 years of hard work, preparing for listing.
  The next few years, Anli Tai Group will usher in a new golden opportunity for development. They will be through the company's joint efforts, adhere to industry chain optimization and upgrading and product high-end positioning, take the resource sharing model, the integration of resources, to play their respective advantages, strengthen cooperation with each other, form a linkage to jointly develop the potential for the implementation of large enterprises and groups strategy, reinforce the foundation.
  "An Litai people" have a faith and dreams. They will through technological innovation, market development, cultural interaction and collaboration to lead to achieve "four-wheel drive" to accelerate the development of the Group. Anli Tai Group has targeted to build international, group of diversified, branded mining equipment manufacturing group. Combined with the actual business of their own development, and unswervingly take the road of development the group is the inevitable road Anli Tai Group contrarian in the front row, but also the road to success, I believe in the next five years, Anli Tai Group will develop a sales revenue more than 1 billion of large enterprise groups to achieve the dream of thriving enterprise.